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Best way to nuke everything and start over for older system

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    Best way to nuke everything and start over for older system

    I set up my current HS system about 7 years ago. It's still chugging along, but is starting to show its age. Mainly because I haven't maintained it well. Some devices are no longer active, others have failed and the OS all this is running on is an unsupported version of Windows 7 Embedded. Most importantly, I've learned a lot since I set up the system and would do everything much differently now if I were to start over.

    With that in mind, what's the best way to nuke everything and start fresh? Do I need to unpair the z-wave devices first or can I just join them to the new controller I'd be using? I'm not worried about recreating the scenes and stuff - mostly just concerned with ensuring the z-wave hardware will join the new system without any problems.


    If you are moving to a new controller and the new controller has a different Z-Wave interface, then you simply need to do a remove on the Z-Wave device prior to adding it to your new Z-Wave interface.