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Mail not working properly - Solved!

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    Mail not working properly - Solved!

    I upgraded to today. Immediately after upgrading the notifications I sent as text messages via email (gmail) stopped working as designed. The heading that would normally indicate the event I am notifying on got changed to (Please purchase Mail.dll license at from the specific message I created in the event. I also noticed a popup window on the Windows PC where I run the HS4 server. I have attached a copy of the Windows pop-up and the text message I get.

    Thinking it was something with Gmail I generated a new mail app key and applied it in HS but I still get the same experience.

    When I click on the Browse for File button it doesn’t find the file. If I manually search it is in the Bin folder for the Homeseer files.(Homeseer HS4\Bin\\homeseer\mail.dll)

    Any ideas?
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    This was fixed a few releases ago but I'm wondering if it's crept back in. I'd recommend putting in a support ticket on this issue.


      Thanks for the suggestion. I decided to reinstall and it seemed to have resolved the issue. I don’t think the update got applied properly (there were some templates that didn’t load properly that are now fixed as well). If it doesn’t persist I will open a ticket as suggested.