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The best app hands down on iPhone/iPad/Mac is the Home Aopp

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    The best app hands down on iPhone/iPad/Mac is the Home Aopp

    Imperihome has been good to me for years, but now it's pretty much over, especially when iPhone 14 comes out. I've tried every single app out there extensively but nothing seems to measure up to Imperihome, until I tried Homebridge and the Home app. Setting up Homebridge on Raspberry Pi these days is ridiculously easy, and setting up the Homeseer plugin is pretty easy too. It requires a tad bit of effort if you have a lot of non-zwave devices but that's no big deal either. And everything just work across all Apple products. If you want external access, you just add a HomePod Mini (less than $70 on ebay) and you're done. It just works. Also, the Home App is being entirely overhauled & revamed from the ground up in iOS 16 which should be released to public in about 2 weeks... Unfortunately, HomeSeer simply cannot make user interfaces. They make the best backend for home automation as far as I know, but frontend is just not their thing. So for me at least, it looks like the Home App it is . Oh and, all Homebridge plugins are free (that I know of).

    Disclaimer: I'm a die-hard Apple product user, but don't consider myself a "fanboy".

    I'm glad you clarified the "scope" of your claim and for the most part, I agree. I control a "limited" subset of devices using the Homebridge/Home combination on my iPhone since it's usually close by. I've even considered an Apple Watch. which you didn't mention, but is fully supported by the Home app.

    However, for stationary UI devices, I prefer an Android tablet running jon00's HSTiles, for the economics of it. I can purchase 3x Android tablets for the price of an iPad. I use the same HSTiles pages on my Mac, since HSTiles is browser based.

    Back to the Home app. Things I wish it could do or figure out how to do:

    1. Define a "sensor" and just have it display in the Home app as a device reading. Soil Moisture. for example. Either Homebridge, the plugin, or the Home app, wants to treat every sensor as a temperature sensor.

    2. Control RGBW color bulbs other than Phillips Hue. I use the native Home app support for Phillips Hue and it would be nice to have similar functionality with WiFi Color bulbs in HS.
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      +++ for android tablet and Jon00 HSTiles