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Zwave desense problem

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    Zwave desense problem

    I have 2 zooz zen 77 switch locations placed in my home that have more than one zwave light switch. In each case, one of the switches will fail to communicate randomly for several tries until the message eventually gets through. I am thinking the repeaters on the switches are interfering with the receivers on the others. This only happens in muktigang boxes. All my other switches work well and are within 100 feet of each other. I am wonding if there is a setting to turn off the repeater in all but one of my switches in that box. Have any of you had this problem? I have a two prong power cord i cut off the end so i can wire it to the switch to enroll them. Then move them to their new location. This works really well. I could not enroll the switches in the multigang box without this approach. I think they are just interferring with each other when they all transmit at the same time. Thanks!
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    This is not a problem with a "normal" z-wave network, I have multiple locations with multiple z-wave devices in a single multi-gang box.

    You more than likely have a bad/errant device that is corrupting network communications. Or your network coverage is not as good as you think it is.

    Enrolling the switches next to the controller is not a good idea, in that, you're masking any network communications problems that might exist once you move them to their permanent location. If you have problems enrolling a switch when it's in its permanent location, then that means you have a network problem.

    If you have a HS Pro license, then I recommend using Z-Seer to map out your network.
    You can also look at the Z-wave Node page to see each device and its neighbors/routes back to the controller.