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Backup HS4 & Zwave USB Best Practice

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    Backup HS4 & Zwave USB Best Practice

    What is the best way to do a backup of the HS4 system? I would like to store backup files on a network hard drive. Also would like to backup all files associated with the Homeseer Zwave+ USB interface. Is their a tool for this, or is there just a manual procedure to get it done? Just had a power failure where I lost HS4 connectivity and Zwave+ USB stick. I want to make sure for the future, system restoration will be less painless.

    I use the Windows 10 File History backup strategy. I have it monitoring the HomeSeer HS4 directory and it scan once an hour and backs up any files that have changed to a 4TB USB HDD. I have history set to 60 but 30 would probably be enough. Many users use BLBackup, but I could never get it to work with network shares. Others have had success.

    The Z-Wave interface is backed up to Data/Z-Wave every time you include of exclude a device, so backing up the HomeSeer HS4 directory captures that data as well.


      as kenm said, I'm one of those using BLBackup.

      HS4 runs on a headless nuc, and BLBackup saves the compressed backup file to the Documents folder on my main computer on the network. I have it save 15 days worth of backups.

      From there, OneDrive backs up the Documents folder to the cloud every night. Acronis also backs up the main computer's drive to a backup drive.

      What can I say? I'm into redundancy.

      All of my HSTouch Designer files are kept in a folder in the HS4 directory so they get backed up along with everything else.

      Works like a charm!


        I tried using BLBackup. Could not get it to work. Always gave an error about target directory not found. Gave up.