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A "plug" for a new Z-Wave wall plug

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    A "plug" for a new Z-Wave wall plug

    The availability of Z-Wave wall plugs (for US outlets) has greatly diminished over the years. I assume that there isn't much demand, given that consumers, at least (as opposed to hard-core home automation folks) will just buy cheap WiFi switches.

    However, The Smartest House is now selling a newly-produced, 700-series Z-Wave wall switch under their ZOOZ brand:

    It's currently $23.95. I bought one to test. It works surprisingly well, and it includes power monitoring. It's small, doesn't cover the adjacent outlet, and while it has a relay, it's quiet.

    If you plan to buy one, note that it shipped with firmware version 1.10. They have a new 1.20 version of the firmware available for download after registering. Be sure to update the firmware before adding the plug to a main/working HS4 system, since it is Hell trying to remove a Z-Wave device, update it, and then add it back. Updating it "standalone" is essential: OTA firmware updates don't work on a system with many Z-Wave devices in the mesh. The best way to update is to power-off your primary system, then use a Z-Wave controller stick on a separate machine, running Z-Flash.

    Not sure if it's a black Friday deal or not, but these are currently $19.95 right now 11/24
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