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    zHome Plus 6.2

    We have released ZHP 6.2 now on the App Store for iOS. New features include the ability to backup your custom icon images to your iCloud along with configuration seettings. You have the option on a iCloud restore to just download the icon images as well. You can also add devices as well as ZHP custom scenes to your Apple Watch. The order of your devices and scenes are customizable via settings on your iPhone. You can add or remove devices and scenes from your Apple Watch via the Scene Status popup or the Device Control popup.

    We have added menu options to the Scene Status popup control and the Device Control popups that clean up and consolidate buttons and make it easier to understand the options you can do with a scene or device from the popup windows. For custom scenes you can set the modifiers for the days of the week, or times of the day that a scene is valid as well as select the option to perform the scene only if it is daylight or dark. Override option is shown if it's not a valid time based on the modifiers.

    Improvements also in auto save for modifying scenes and geo fences.

    You now have the option in the Settings screen to let you hide rooms that are defined in HomeSeer that you do want to see when using ZHP, but they can quickly be unhidden if you want to explore. This has worked well for us for rooms like zWave and JowiHue rooms that may contain devices that we don't normally want to access, but give us a way to toggle the room being shown.

    We made some major changes in the last two releases in our code base to better support concurrency and this has resulted in a more robust system with performance improvements.

    We have submitted version 6.2 also the Mac App Store and it should be released soon as well.