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Sonoff PIR3 vs PIR2 motion sensors

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    Sonoff PIR3 vs PIR2 motion sensors

    Does anyone have first hand experience with Sonoff PIR3 motion sensor and what is the real battery life and RF range.?

    I have several Sonoff PIR2 deployed successfully. Looking to add more, however it seems that PIR2 (while still available from some obscure sources) is being replaced by PIR3 that is widely available.

    PIR3 is much smaller and uses button style battery as opposed to 2 x AAA batteries for PIR2.

    Battery life and RF range is most important to me. I will gladly switch to PIR3 if battery life and RF range are same or better than PIR2. Those parameters for PIR2 from my personal experience are

    - PIR2 battery life - about 2 years.
    - PIR2 RF range (from PIR2 to Sonoff RF Gateway) - about 100'

    What are those for PIR3 ??? Anyone ???