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Supporting Cielo Breez Plus

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  • lhfarm
    I just had a couple of mini-splits installed. I also just purchased the Cielo Breez Plus. I searched here to see if anyone had developed a plug-in and there have been requests, but no action. So I used IFTTT to link HS and Cielo. I tried a simple set the heat to 68 and it worked! It did take some time - not sure how long, but it would be an easy test. If you don't have an IFTTT check - and on the Cielo side -
    And here is how to setup an event -

    Hope this helps.

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  • bryan
    started a topic Supporting Cielo Breez Plus

    Supporting Cielo Breez Plus


    I have been using HomeSeer for several years now and my network is all Z-Wave. I am looking for a better option that the Remotec ZXT-600 IR blaster, which works but has a flaw that it wont allow you to send the set heating point below 63 degrees F. We have a second home and in the winter I want to keep it at 58 to 60 degrees.

    I did some research and came across the Cielo Breez Plus ( which has support for Samsung Smart Things. I am not familiar yet on how HomeSeer is supporting WiFi devices and so far have not found any support.

    Any guidance or help would be greatly appreciated.