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  • TeleFragger
    spirit of halloween by me is always sold out before halloween. In addition, they no longer do the 50% off day after as I used to be there at door open and run in... now it is 20% for few days then 30% and i think... not 100% sure it may go to 40% but with covid, shortage of stuff, etc... spirit of halloweens by me are storing their stuff for next year.

    back in the day when product was plentiful, it was not cost effective for them to store it so sell 50% off and get rid of it...

    fun fact - you can buy pretty much anything from them. I want to buy the big spirit of halloween guy out front of the building but wife said no...
    i know they will sell stuff like that cuz few years back I walked in and asked...

    hey, over above kids you have the assassin's creed kid and over at adults you have assassin's creed adult... I was like.. they would look great in my kids rooms... $1 each!!!! LOL

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  • McGarrett
    Ahh, a favorite topic area for me.

    You can score killers deals at Spirit Halloween if you're willing to wait until after Oct 31. More than once I've picked up their 1000watt machines after Halloween for 50% off.

    Solid performance and good for low lying fog too (with the right juice, try Froggys). Don't know about their new machines this year though, with the coffin slapped on top - I assume it's the same machine with an updated shell. Will definitely fill your room, I use them outside and they are plenty. Photos below are just one machine hidden on the deck, using a timer for bursts.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	20171031_184407.jpg Views:	0 Size:	70.4 KB ID:	1572382
    Click image for larger version  Name:	20171031_184340.jpg Views:	0 Size:	44.6 KB ID:	1572383

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  • Sgt. Shultz
    I would classify those more as smoke machines. The fog solution does come in different flavors for a more pleasant scent.
    Maybe rent one to see how big a machine you might need? They usually are based on output so you could gauge if what you got was more or less than what you were looking for.
    You might even find one on CraigsList.

    For actual fog, get a cheap cooler (even a Styrofoam one is good) and pick up five pounds of dry ice.
    You can put it in drinks for that cool bubbling effect.

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  • kwolter
    started a topic Fog Machines

    Fog Machines

    Anyone have any recommendations on a decent model? Just want it for occasional use for parties using some laser lights. Room is about 15 x 20. Thanks!