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Light Switch + Outdoor motion light

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    Light Switch + Outdoor motion light

    Hello all,

    I wanted to fact check what Zooz is telling me. I use a mixture of Aeotec and Zooz switches, and everything works fine except for these Zooz switches.

    Basically i have an outdoor motion light on the front of the garage and rear of the garage. I put each of them behind a Zen76 switch (i like rocker switches). Now from day 1 these two switches have been a pain in the rear with adopting, honestly i should have replaced them, i swear i jsut had a bad batch of Zooz's as a couple of them from this summer had the same problem and local control would freeze up.

    Anyways i got everything adopted this summer and i keep them in an "ON" state. I wanted them to be switched because some dumb electrician put the on/off switch in a pain in the rear place to get to. I noticed with these two zooz's that they stop working, and when i look they are reported as off in homeseer and the light on the switch shows it is in the off position. like does not work/sense motion. I checked that i have no events triggering off, nor is the auto-timer parameters set to auto-shut-off.

    I approached zooz to see if they have any ideas. They told me this:

    Unfortunately, lights with sensors in them are not compatible with Zooz switches and Z-Wave modules from other brands. This is because the load is not connected to the light directly but rather to the light sensor part of the fixture which then triggers the light to turn on. Our switches need to be connected directly to the light bulb on the load side just like shown in the manual. Otherwise, the electronics malfunction, which is likely what happened here.‚Äč

    Does this hold water? I know when the motion sensor has the light off, the draw is much less, probably more trickle like overall. If i picked the wrong solution for my problem i am more than happy to admit i was wrong, and i can always go back to analog tech. But with newer bulbs, leds, etc, draw is always going to be super low these days.

    I think Zooz is correct. You have to trigger the load, not the sensor that triggers the load.

    That said, I have the HS motion sensor which I used to replace the sensor supplied with this unit.

    Since I didn't even have a switch that I could utilize, I used this switch (zigbee) that I utilize via HS to manually turn off the lights.

    Or search for Aqara zigbee double switch on Sorry, I'm not aware of a z-wave version of something like this.