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Error: Type 'Bitmap' is not defined

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    Error: Type 'Bitmap' is not defined

    I'm getting the above error when using: Using Bmp As New Bitmap in a script.

    I'm using a modified version of the scripts in this post:

    I'm not really familiar with these OS calls and when I googled it, the issue seems to be .net related. I was running the latest Windows 10 version on this laptop, but decided to upgrade to Win 11.

    I assumed that would fix the problem, but it didn't.

    Can someone please point me in the right direction to fix this?

    I need to be able to generate this png file because my wife wants better control of the RGB bulbs, and from experience, I know it's better to make her happy

    With a text editor open settings.ini found in the <homeseer root>/config directory.

    Search for:


    If this is NOT found, add the following directly under [Settings]

    (Copy and paste the following) :


    If it is found, check to see if the above text is already entered as part of the line, if not this needs to be added to the end of the line:

    (Copy and paste the following including the comma) :


    There should be no spaces in the ScriptingReferences entry.

    NOTE: Homeseer MUST be shut down when you make changes to settings.ini


      That was the answer.

      Thank you Jon, as always, you are the best!