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    Driveway Monitoring

    Anyone Monitoring their driveway and integrating into HomeSeer. I am willing to consider any technology not Wi-Fi but prefer a Z-Wave eventual solution. I had looked at driveway alarm solutions some time ago and the receivers at that time had analog output to signal an event. Now I don't see that. I have contacted a couple of manufacturers (one I like in particular) to see if they have a receiver that has analogue output.

    I then need a Z-wave device which has matching analogue input to signal to Homeseer detection has occurred. That is what I see from what I have found but looking for other's solutions.

    Anyone know of such a Z-Wave device? Insteon had one but they are gone.

    The driveway is 400 feet long if that has any bearing.

    Thanks in advance.

    I monitor my driveway using an outdoor rated photo electric sensor which is wired to my alarm panel. My alarm panel in turn is connected to homeseer.

    When I was looking at options for this project I considered a few technologies. including induction loops and magnetic sensors. I would also suggest using two sensors so you know the direction of travel which is useful for events.

    Adding the photo electric sensor made the most sense with my existing alarm panel and the labor involved to install it.

    If you don't have an alarm panel integrated with homeseer you could supply low voltage to a sensor. Monitor your sensor using a zwave door/window sensor, or Qubino Z-Wave Plus Universal Relay with Dry Contact Switch ZMNHND3 which supports using a NO/NC sensor.

    There are some wireless driveway sensors, I'd look for a solar model in that case. If you're using a wireless sensor I would suspect their indoor base station to be proprietary and likely doesn't supply a NO/NC output but you might find one that does with some dilligent research.

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      I've been using an HTZSAFE Solar Wireless Driveway Alarm System (​ for about a year now with no problem. I have the relay output from the HTZSafe Receiver connected to one of the alarms zones on an Elk M1 Gold Alarm Panel. The Elk Alarm Panel interfaces with HS4 through the UltraM1G3 plugin.

      An Aeotec Z-wave Door / Window Sensor 7 or a Fortrezz Mimo Lite could be used instead of the Elk Alarm Panel. In my case, the receiver is only 80 ft from the transmitter, but the HTZSafe literature states it has a 1/2 mile range.


        Have been using Dakota Alert for several years and have been happy with it. I have two of the buried sensors and two transmitters so I can determine direction the vehicle is moving. Dakota receiver output goes to Arduino which is then integrated to Homeseer via Plugin.

        Driveway is several hundred yards from the receiver and there are no issues with range. I have yet to replace the 9volt battery in the transmitter.

        EDIT: Dakota changed their receivers a few years ago. I have some of the old ones and some of the new ones. Both have analog outputs, but the newer ones have only two ouptuts per receiver compared to the older ones which had four. Makes a difference if you have a lot of different sources like I do with multiple motion detectors.


          +1 for Dakota. You'll also need a digital input device to interface it into HS. I use a homebuilt ESP32 device that uses MQTT to send it to HS. Alarm panels are also good.

          The induction field sensors are quite sensitive. I discovered how sensitive my new neighbor was building his house and they parked a dozer across the street from the sensor (still 100+' away).. Kept going off until they moved it.​
          Also good for lightning detection and EMP.


            I have two Dakota Alerts and use the Raspberry pi plugin and have that monitor the relays on the unit. Works flawlessly. Occasionally a large truck will go up the road and trip the one at the end of my driveway. I should move it up a bit.
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              Thanks for all the input. It will probably be Spring before I deploy something but I have more insight now than I did.


                Originally posted by wpiman View Post
                I have two Dakota Alerts and use the Raspberry pi plugin and have that monitor the relays on the unit. Works flawlessly. Occasionally a large truck will go up the road and trip the one at the end of my driveway. I should move it up a bit.
                I use this same method currently with an RPI and dakota alert but only because I also use it to trigger relays for my garage door openers. There are also zwave door sensors that can double as dry contact inputs. I use the magnetic version of the dakota alert driveway alarm because I live in a rural area and don't want animals triggering it. I have had it in for 4 years and it has been flawless.


                  I use two twisted cables loops in the ground that feels the magnetic change. Rock solid.

                  I use this hw provider

                  Jakob Sand, I automate everything!


                    When you get ready, do a search on Dakota Alerts and you will find posts going back 15 or more years. They are rock solid and a simple Zwave contact switch works great for the interface. I used X-10 Universal Modules for a decade and then built an Arduino interface when I was learning to use that technology. It worked fine but the Zwave is cleaner looking and simpler.