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WX300 Inclusion Problem

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    WX300 Inclusion Problem

    I’m trying to add a new WX300 switch to my HomeTroller+ HS4. When I put the switch in the inclusion mode the two bottom LED’s blink white 2 times and then stop blinking. I press the bottom switch twice rapidly and then press and hold the top switch for at least 3 seconds. I’m using the Z-Tool+. I also tried the inclusion with a second switch and had the same problem. Then I used the Z-Tool+, to removed and reinstall a lamp module without any problems.

    It is tap, tap, press and hold of the bottom paddle

    Z-Wave Inclusion or Exclusion

    Follow this 2-step procedure to add (or remove) your new HomeSeer switch to (or from) your Z-Wave network:
    1. Put your Z-Wave controller into inclusion (or exclusion) mode. Consult your controller’s manual if you’re unsure how to do this.
    2. In rapid succession, tap the bottom paddle 2 times, then press & hold the bottom paddle for 3 seconds (tap-tap-press & hold). This will initiate the inclusion (or exclusion) process. Note: The switch will default to dimmer mode after Z-Wave exclusion.
    HS4 Pro, Windows 10 pro, Supermicro LP Xeon



      Thanks for the quick response. I’m embarrassed, I followed the inclusion introductions this time and the switch was included with no problem. Thanks for your help.