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How to add "features" to a "device" manually

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  • risquare
    First of all it's a shame that there is no native and easy way to do that within HomeSeer device properties.
    With this said I'm doing it using Big6 plug-in. Here is how

    1. Create Big6 HTTP listening GET profile using any available port ( port 130 for the example below).
    2. Use any browser and enter (for example , use your own HomeSeer server IP )
    This will create root device

    with features


    and values 0 for all features for the example.

    Of course you can use any number of features and any values that you desire. Also create.asp? in the example is random space holder not a software. All you need is to use the same in the profile and in the browser.

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  • jon00
    These two utilities should help:

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  • andyf
    Not a great way but I read this somewhere and it worked for me.

    Turn on Bulk Edit
    Select the Control feature that was created
    Select "Copy" from the Bulk Edit drop down menu

    If you want more after copying one feature, select both and do Copy. It will copy both features.
    Now you can go in and edit the settings as necessary.

    Doing this from memory so I may have missed something, but you get the idea.

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  • puma
    started a topic How to add "features" to a "device" manually

    How to add "features" to a "device" manually

    HS4 introduced "features" to each "device" by default. So when I create a new virtual device in HS4 it comes with a feature "Control" by default. Not extremely happy with it but it is what it is.
    Now the question is how do I add more features to the device manually. I do not see any options for that. Do I miss something.