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use motion ms100+ as repeater

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    use motion ms100+ as repeater

    Hi.I have the motion sensors hard wired by micro usb.I made the mistake adding it normal to HS and not as wired there a way to change the motion setting afterwards or do I need to exclude the sensor and then include them correct way?I don't want to get new node numbers when I ad them again.

    I'm pretty sure you will need to exclude/include while powered by USB...
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      Don't know whether it will work but it might be worth trying Replace Node.

      1. Factory reset the sensor.
      2. Click "Test Connectivity" on the root device's z-wave tab.
      3. On failure, click replace node.
      4. Reinclude the sensor with USB connected.

      I've re-included a mains powered switch this way and it worked to keep events intact, but there are a couple questions here. One, will the Test Connectivity fail in the proper way (HS needs to think the device no longer exists in the system, but it may simply say you you have to wake up the battery-powered device; try test connectivity a few times), and two, will replace node work when changing from battery to usb power?

      If on HS4, before removing the sensor in any fashion I recommend bringing up the HS3 legacy events page (HS_IP/_events.html) and filter by all features of the sensor. This filtered page will survive removal of the device from the system and can be used to readily rebuild your events with the new node, if required. Of course, this doesn't help with scripts that have to be edited with a new device ref, etc.