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    StreamLabs Water Monitor - Plugin Interest

    Just canvassing for interest in a StreamLabs Water *monitor plugin for HS4. I have one of these monitors for quite a few years and finally wanted to get the data into HS. Before I waste my time, I've reached out to SL's for answers to some questions.

    Click image for larger version

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    I've asked...
    1. My SL's monitor was acting wonky. Availability seemed to be sparse (only thru SL's @$350). All other sites were Unavailable. Is this unit EOL? Not being produced, new product, etc...?

    Other options I found were not really as good as the SL's monitor (senses vibrations, easy install). One I found would not work on my municipalities Sensus (iPERL meter). Flume.

    A. SL's assured me they are not EOL. Availability will get better but Chubb bought the company and has to reset dealers.

    2. Support questions are answered pretty fast, within a day or two. That's a good sign.

    3. Development of SL's API ongoing? Well, I don't think so but we'll see what they say. I think it's only Break/Fix right now.
    A. SL's: We'll reach out if we need API beta testers.

    4. API access requires users to subscribe to their StreamPlus service at ~$60/yr.
    A. SL's: Yes, a lot of interest to make the API access (API Key) free but ToDate, no.

    5. API is cloud based. Any future availability to make it local access?
    A. SL's: At this time there is no talk of changing API access although a lot of interest from consumers.

    6. There is an app but is SL's thinking of making web accessible?
    A. SL's: Not at this time.

    I'm waiting on an answer from SL's before proceeding and the canvass to see if there is any interest. SL's makes a "control" module which won't initially be supported at first (might work the same for readings tho). I don't have one to test and since that controls your whole home's water, thorough testing would be required.
    Even though the monitor doesn't stop a leak if your not home, it could prevent a major disaster if you could get home or have someone nearby. One flooded basement is well worth the cost IMO.

    Update: 1/17/2023
    Seems StreamLabs will answer CService issues but my posts to their community are low priority and have gone unanswered and not been approved as a post either.

    Unfortunate because this unit is an easy, non-evasive way to monitor your water usage (accurate enough) without cutting into your existing plumbing. I am not a fan of switching water monitors (they will leak eventually) and can't use the water meter model. I'll go ahead and create a PI just to report water use, summary, etc. for the monitor.


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      If you have a StreamLabs Water monitor and the StreamLabs Plus paid account...

      PM me if you are interested in beta testing (opening soon) the HS4 StreamLabs PI. It will be setup for Windows/Linux.
      Minimal functionality at first with more added as we go.

      2/6/2023 - Work in progress snapshot
      Click image for larger version

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        Pi submitted to HS.