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    I just ordered a complete Cybergenie off of eBay, it'll be here in about a week. The voice in the demo soiunds like a MS female. I know the base hooks up to a Windows PC for full functionality. I saw in a screenshot of the voice options, it just said 'Female'.

    So the question(s) is:

    Does the voice come from the PC or the base station and if it does come from the PC, can you use a Neospeech or ATTNV instead?



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    It's been a while since I setup my CG, but from what I remember the greeting messages (global and per mailbox) are actually wav files on the PC so you can replace them. I think I used the old ATT website when they allowed sample phrases and just captured the wave file to use on the CG.

    As for the control voice e.g. "Hello, this is Cybergenie" that answers and prompts you when you access the "attendent" - I don't think you can change those phrases; I don't think it uses SAPI so the settings don't seem to affect the CG. I use a both HS SAPI voice and CG on the same machine with no problem.

    FYI - I also use Outlook setup with a MAPI mailbox on the HS/CG PC to capture both my emails via HS and voicemail messages from the CG - this way I have one place to check for both and use the HS web interface to access them from either touchpads at home or remote web access from the road.

    I also have HS Phone just to handle the CID info for annoucing and logging on the system as CG didn't have any external CID capabilities other than just to the handsets.

    Other than having to play around with the handsets at first to get the batteries to start to charge I 've had very little problem with the system. Oh yeah, I did have to replace the stock USB cable as that did cause some initial stability problems but once changed the link between the CG and PC has been stable - I have the CG base mounted about 8 feet away from the PC. I also use it with a 802.11g network and by changing the default channel on the network I eliminated most interferance problems.

    Good luck with your setup.


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      Anyone ever try making a plugin for cg to control HS maybe with HSP?


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        It has been discussed recently on another thread. I investigated, but never got a response from the company when I tried to sign up. It does look like a dead product.


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          Thanks for the overview, I am really looking forward to this.