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  • New problem just started

    Just this last week or two, if I change some settings on HSP, or simply bring HS down and back up, I have started getting messages about Do you want to remove H&S speech program? Then I get a message that Windows is configuring Homeseer. It is reproduceable. Anything I can look for?

    I try to never bring HS or HSP down unless necessary to change the interfaces or something else that makes a reset necessary.

    I have never had that happen before these last two weeks.

    I run HS & HSP on a dedicated machine and are the only programs running.

    Everything seems to be working correctly but not used to seeing the Windows message before. Running XP-PRO on a 1300mhz 512meg system. Windows is on drive C, a 40g and Homeseer is installed on drive D, another 40g.

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    Have you removed any of the original installed files that came with HS or HSP? I had this exact same thing happen to me after a clean up of the HTML directory.


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      Yes I did some cleanup

      Thought I was pretty careful though. I have backups and will go back and compare folders.