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    Sorry, been disconnected for a few days.

    I appreciate the feedback and the various points of view. I agree with most of what was said, and I have spent the past few months readying the house for sale by drastically simplifying the automation to the extent possible (taking out all the personalization), making login accounts generic, and documenting the overall system. What's left is mostly lighting automation, access alerts (i.e. closet lights, sunrise/sunset landscape lighting, gate access alerts) and wall mounted HSTouch panels.

    For clarification, the automation room is finished out. I only attached the "behind the wall" picture so you could see the extent of the wiring that was installed during build. I also like the idea of having some standard verbiage in the contract spelling out buyer's responsibility for home automation going forward.

    With all that said, I would still like to provide some pointers to where the buyer could obtain help on the automation if needed. Is HomeSeer a "DIY ONLY" solution currently? I thought that in the past there were some home automation consultants that used it but I know the home automation landscape has changed dramatically in the past 15 years.​


      GlennWo, Homeseer does have a "Tradesman" program, how well it works and how many companies have signed up for it is unknown to folks in the user forums here.
      Become A Tradesman Dealer | HomeSeer

      My recommendation is that you reach out to Homeseer directly and ask if there is anyone in their program in your area. People need to remember that the forums here are user-to-user and not official support.