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HomeSeer Alexa Skill Disappeared & Other Languages

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    HomeSeer Alexa Skill Disappeared & Other Languages

    I just realized that my HomeSeer Alexa skill was gone. So I tried to search for the skill to re-install it. However, Alexa could not find a HomeSeer skill. I recently changed the language of my phone from English to German so I thought maybe it has something to do with that. I changed back to English and the skill showed up. I changed it back to German and it disappeared. So my questions are:

    1) Is the HomeSeer Alexa skill only available in English?
    2) How do people that use a different language get this to work?

    Beware SWAG: Alexa has a "multilingual mode" and that may need to be turned on.
    HomeSeer Version: HS4 Pro Edition
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro - Desktop
    Z-Wave Devices via two Z-Net G3s
    Zigbee Devices via RaspBee on RPi 3b+
    WiFi Devices via Internal Router.

    Enabled Plug-Ins
    AK Weather,AmbientWeather,Big6,BLBackup,BLGData,BLLock,BLUPS,Device History,EasyTrigger,Harmony Hub,HSBuddy 3.30.1003.1,JowiHue,LG ThinQ,rnbWeather,SDJ-Health,TPLinkSmartHome4 2022.12.30.0,UltraCID3 3.0.6681.34300,Z-Wave 2