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    Multi Camera Help

    Can someone out there help me, I want to install a multi camera set up that I can view remotely via my Homeseer page. I know that there are several people that are out there doing this right now, but I have no clue how to get started. I have found lots of stuff on single camera video capture, but nothing on multi camera. I would like to start with at least 4 inputs and possably expand from there.

    I need to know what hardware-software I need to get immages from cameras into my computer and then out to the web.

    I looked for threads on this and couldn't find anything.

    Thank you for any help you can give.


    Just for clarification - do you want multiple streaming views or multiple capture (still) images?

    If still captures are what you're after I would think it would be relatively simple. I am currently exploring a trial version of the webcam plug-in which would be a quick way to get started (or at least get your feet wet). There are so many ways to do these things, at some juncture you just have to choose.

    One simple means for example would be to build an html page with placeholders for different named jpeg files (e.g. cam1.jpg, cam2.jpg and so forth). When an event is triggered in HS, the respective capture is taken, the file is saved off, and your html page shows the latest image.


      It really depends on your budget on how you want to proceed. At a minimum you will need a way to interface your camera to the PC. I use an ATI Wonder VE TV tuner card which was about $49.
      Then you'll need you cameras. One way to start is with the chepy X10 cameras. You get what you pay for and they are inexpensive as cameras go. The beauty of the X10 cameras is you don't need a switcher because they switch themselves.
      If you do not use the X10 variety of cameras you will need a switcher. There are a wide variety of camera switchers. There are automatic ones that simply rotate through the cameras at a set timing interval to switchers that can be switched via the com port. This could in turn be switched with HS. Here is one switcher that can be switched via IR, X10, or via RS232. There are many others.
      Last you need cameras and these range in price and functionality. Many cameras have been covered on this BB from time to time but this is like a coke vs pepsi comparison. The best way to shop for a camera is to buy from a place that will allow you to return them if your not satisfied.
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        Multiple Cameras

        I personally use a PC for every camera. All cameras are hard wired (except for networked cameras) and all of them are connected to dedicated PCs. I tried 900Mhz and 2.4 Ghz cameras but didn't like the RF noise. 801.11 connected cameras were ok. I prefer to hard wire all of my cameras.

        Cards / Video in I use are:
        - web enabled cameras (optics are only ok) - here are a couple that I have used.

        What I liked about Axis is that you can modify web interface logging in as root.

        - USB capture (works ok with small FP PC's running ~ 600Mhz 98SE) -relatively inexpensive
        - Winnov PCI capture cards - have 3 PC's with these and I have never had any problems.
        - ATI - have a couple but historically have had hardware issues with their cards (Intel or AMD based PCs)
        - cheap ~ 30-60 TV tuner/capture cards actually have worked better for me than the ATI TV Tuner/Capture cards.

        Still using ConquerCam but looking at:

        Check out some of ZoomKat's threads regarding video switchers, tilt devices etc.
        - Pete

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          I have 12 cameras working

          Take a visit to my site to see if this is what you are trying to do. Select WEBCAM to see the last capture and/or take a new one. Select VIDEO to watch one of the last 6 movies that were taken at the same time as a motion detector capture. Media Player V9 is required to play the AVI files.

          I have the 12 cameras feeding a 16 camera controller. I then have selected to display 4 in a quad format and feed the output to a TV Video capture card and a RF modulator with output to channel 29. That way I can watch the display on any TV in the house just by going to CH 29. A 960 hr time lapse vcr is also set to CH 29 and is turned on to 2 hr format when the motion detectors trip. When not tripped, the VCR runs at the 960 hr speed so a 6 hr tape will hold almost a 30 day capture. It rewinds and starts over when it hits the end of the tape. I use the Hauppage Plugin to access the TV/Video Capture card output and when motion is detected in the driveway or a couple other locations, the plugin takes a single capture AND a 60 second video in AVI format. I used to have the continuious streaming running until I downgraded to SP2. That killed the streaming and I haven't really looked at why and get it back working yet. Maybe in the next couple of weeks.

          The capture card I am using is a KWorld TV-Capture card. Ran about $40 almost 2 years ago. Nothing fancy. Just a basic PCI card.

          I have also modified the two ASP files supplied with the plugin so it works with the Touchpad interface.

          The modified ASP files and Americana buttons are all in a download file available to anyone that would like them. Just select the DOWNLOAD button then the file you want. I have modified a few other ASP files to work with the Touchpad Americana interface.

          I'll be glad to help anyone in any way I can. I have been using the HAUPPAGE Plugin for a little over a year and it was working in about 1 hour after install.


            Thank you

            Thanks for all the help, I feel that I am in a lot better place to start than I was. I will look everything over and see what options work best for me.

            All I know right now is that I just want to be able to look out from the house from 3 diffrent angles, and to be able to see the gauge on my heating oil tank. I figure that for the 3 security cameras motion activated stills will be fine, for the Oil tank I figure a user activated still capture should do it.