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Use HS to control my router to limit internet access?

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    Use HS to control my router to limit internet access?

    Hey all,

    I want to limit my kids' internet access at night. One way would be to install an X10 power outlet that the router for them is plugged into. That would be pretty easier, but I'd really like more control.

    Here's my infrastructure (and the reason why I need something more robust)

    My main router is a Xincom dual broadband load balancing router. From this unit I run a Linksys wireless router, and a Linksys 4 port non-wireless router.

    My kids's computers are connected to the Linksys 4 port router, but my daughter also has a laptop that runs off the wireless router. If I install an X10 outlet that just kills power to the 4-port router, my daughter would still have wireless access. If I use the X10 outlet to turn off both Linksys routers, then I would disable my own wireless access.

    My Xincom router does not have the ability to limit access by time for specific IP addresses. But - it does have menu options to enable/disable access for specific IP's.

    Is there some way I could use HS to execute commands to my router's IP address that would perform some sequence of events? i.e. - log into the router control web page, access the DHCP control page, and then 'fill in' the info to disable an IP address?


    Steve C.

    Well if you use the WRT54G Linksys router, you could use sveasofts firmware for it. Then you have all sorts of options, you can telnet to itor more securly ssh. And from the shell you could disable a mac address, or interface.

    Have look at

    To be able to controll the other Linksys router you would ofcource have to daisy chain it with the WRT, unless it's a managedswitch.



      Hmm..interesting software.

      I am using a WRT54G wireless router, but I'm using it as a switch, instead of router mode. My Xincom router assign takes care of the DHCP, and access to the internet, so I just run the WRT54G in 'stupid mode'. I do the same thing with my other Linksys 4 port router. So I don't think this would help my situation.

      I think the WRT54G actually has options to set internet access times by IP address. But since I'm not using it as a router, those options are un-available for me.

      Maybe my question isn't really HS related - if I knew how to 'push' commands to a web page (which in my case would be the Xincom's control page), then I could probably figure out how to get it into HS.

      I don't know if what I'm asking for is even technically possible....

      Steve C.


        If there isn't a more elegant way to do it, you could explore using hs.keys to simulate keystrokes to change the router settings. I have used this where nothing else exists.


          I've got a D-Link DI-614+ wireless router that has a filter that can be set to deny access to the web from chosen computers on the lan at chosen times of the day. I think I payed $15 for this router after rebate at HomeDepot or Staples, so you might want to get one and set it up to control just your kids computer access from the net (both wired and wireless).
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            With a LinkSys you should be able to go to the filtering tab and set it up the way you want it when access is to be off. Submit the page and look in the Address bar. You will see a long URL that has all of your settings in it. Copy that URL into a script. Then using hs.GetURL schedule HS to run that script at the time you want access turned off.
            Repeat. Only this time, set it up the way you want it when access is on. Submit and copy the URL. Make a second script using hs.GetURL and schedule it to run at the time you want access to turn on.
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              Now THAT sounds interesting, and well worth a try.

              I expect that would work with my Xincom router as well as a Linksys.

              For the others that posted regarding routers that already time-limiting ability - the Xincom is dual-broadband / load balancing, so I'm stuck with that as my main incoming broadband router if want want to take advantage of those features. The equivalent router from Linksys is $$$$$.

              Thanks again for all your help.

              Steve C.


                Well, that didn't work. The URL did not contain the updated settings.

                So my options are: use some kind of TFTP client to automatically load different router configuration profiles at certain times (which requires an automatic re-boot of the router, kicking everyone off).

                Or - install an X10 power outlet where I could easily kill the router(switch, actually) that controls net access for my kids' PC's.

                In the long run - that would be an easier to maintain solution.

                Thanks for all your help

                Steve C.


                  Can't this be as simple as using commodity routers which have time schedules to block Internet access for given PCs?

                  Since you use commodity routers connected to your Xincom router, seems like this would be easy. These $30-40 routers have time schedules.

                  Of course, none of these controlled PCs would connnect to the Xincom.


                    Is there any reason why you couldn't plug the wireless router and other computers into a dedicated switch, then control the switch power supply using an appliance module and some events?
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                      I've been using the Sveasoft firmware on my WRT54G for awhile now, and highly recommend it. Before Comcast upped us to 4mb/384k, I used it's Qos for my Vonage which was great.



                        The time schedules for commodity routers won't work since I'm using them as switches, not routers. The time schedule controls which IP's have access to the WAN port for internet, but in my config I'm not using the WAN ports on the routers. (Because I need the Xincom to control all the DHCP assigments, so it has control over the load balancing).

                        I'm going to have to go the route of the appliance module, although then if I turn off the wireless router, I turn off all wireless access, not just to my daughters wireless laptop.

                        HEY! I've got an old Linksys B wireless router laying around - I'll set that up as the access point for my daughters laptop, and then use its extra ports for the hardpoint PC connections for both kids' desktops. Then when I turn it off with an appliance module, they'll get no access at all, and my wireless will still work!

                        Woo-hoo! I had never thought of that. Sometimes it just helps to think these things through out loud.

                        Sorry if this thread ended up being too non-HS related. When I started it I was just assuming that someone would have some HS script that pushed info to a web page. (something more robust than hskeys)

                        Thanks for all your help.

                        Steve C.


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