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Why aren't my Amcrest cameras recording?

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    Why aren't my Amcrest cameras recording?

    I possess two Amcrest IP4M-1026EW cameras, which were not automatically detected, so I added them manually. Although I can view them live and see a snapshot every two seconds, I am unable to record footage. I have checked locally and on myHS (cloud access selected for one), but the recordings are nowhere to be found. Additionally, when I attempt to create an event, the camera drop-down list is empty, with neither camera available as an option.

    1. Check storage settings: Ensure that you have sufficient storage space available for recording footage. Verify the storage settings on your cameras and make sure that they are properly configured to save recordings to the desired location, whether it's a local storage device or the cloud.
    2. Review recording settings: Check the recording settings for your cameras. Make sure that the recording mode is enabled and set to the desired parameters, such as continuous recording or motion-triggered recording. Ensure that the duration and quality settings are appropriate for your needs.
    3. Confirm cloud access configuration: If you have enabled cloud access for one of the cameras, double-check the cloud settings to ensure they are correctly configured. Verify that the necessary credentials and permissions are in place for the camera to upload recordings to the cloud storage.
    4. Update firmware and software: Check if there are any firmware updates available for your Amcrest IP4M-1026EW cameras. Updating the firmware can often resolve compatibility issues and improve functionality. Additionally, ensure that you are using the latest version of any associated software or mobile apps for optimal performance.
    5. Reset and reconfigure cameras: If the above steps don't resolve the issue, you may consider performing a factory reset on the cameras and setting them up again from scratch. This can help eliminate any potential koows configuration echat errors or conflicts that might be preventing proper recording and event functionality.