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    I'd love to see the automated tests and test scenarios that Homeseer does on their software. I'm guessing it fits on a notecard. I'd complain more but I'm stuck with Homeseer (congrats, guys).

    First of all, its operations seems to be functioning 100% still. That's important. of now I won't be able to make any more changes to my Homeseer installation.

    Thursday, I upgraded from to and everything on the Devices page is broken. The device detail views are just broken HTML (since some error is being thrown in the background that I can't see, keeping the page from loading all assets). Filtering Devices on a Room or Floor doesn't work. Most devices don't appear in the list at all.

    "Do you have a backup?" Well, yes. But here's the added fun that Homeseer's homebrew-ish quality has foisted on me. When I upgraded to, the daily automatic backups apparently STOPPED. So my most recent backup is 3 weeks old. Not horrible, but not ideal.

    Restoring that backup then breaks all the Events UI, because of course, they rewrote the event data for this new version. So a < backup restores and breaks more. So I went back to the current setup ( with no backup restored).

    Homeseer support's response was to re-run the installer and choose the "Repair" option. I could have thrown $1,000 at that not working, and of course, it didn't fix a thing.

    Reverting the version to a prior one appears to be an equally hacky process, so I'd rather not step into that minefield - and, if it worked anyway, I'd have no confidence that ever upgrading again would work.

    Is anyone else out there experiencing this? Anybody have suggestions on how to dig into this? Since everything is still functioning, it seems less likely that I've got a systemic corruption problem and more of a bug with regard to Devices.

    Sounds like you need the update.
    This seems to be fixed. See this thread towards the end:


      You could also just overlay a copy (you did copy your entire HS4 folder before upgrading)of your HS4 folder back over the current folder and test.


        Thanks, I almost overlaid a copy like Rupp suggested - but the beta update seems to have fixed things. Thanks folks!