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How do I setup email notifications in HTPi?

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    How do I setup email notifications in HTPi?

    It appears I can get an email notification about actions in Events. I see in setup there is a place to enable Google mail. I have put in my Gmail and password. I have created an event that is supposed to send me an email. I have put an email in the setup which will send a message to my phone using this email to text number <<phone number>> I know that this email to text works, I get texts if I send an email to this address outside HTPi. However I never get a text from HTPi when the Event is run. Why? Where can I look to see how to set this up?

    A couple of questions that come to mind that might help.

    1. Did you use the required Gmail 'APP' password in Homeseer's email settings? Not your standard Google login password
    2. Did you try to send an email to another email address besides to see if Homeseer's email settings are correct?

    You will see some discussions on this forum how Gmail emails to text numbers is clunky. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I gave up on it and use my ISP email for email to ATT and Verizon text numbers and it works fine.