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GoControl Irrigation Controller Zone Programming

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    GoControl Irrigation Controller Zone Programming

    ​Does anyone understand how the GC irrigation controller zone programming works? At this point a year later I don't recall what I did, but I remember wanting to adjust the preset zone run times that come loaded in GC. I definitely changed the names (which sends the changed names to the end of the lengthy list...). Everything seemed to work, but I now realize one of my zones is amiss. I can run it from device page just fine, but it will not work in an event. I can see it in the selection options for the event, but if I select it, it will not populate in the event. In appearance, it looks to have the same attributes as all other zones. Any thoughts?

    Click image for larger version

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    HS4Pro on Windows 10
    One install with 2 Ethernet Z-nets
    2nd install with 1 Ethernet Z-net
    300 devices, 250 events, 8 scripts
    6 CT-100 tstats
    Serial IT-100 interface to DSC Panel with 8 wired zones
    18 Fortrezz water sensors & two valve controls

    I have the same controller and trigger the built-in times through events. I've never renamed anything or even looked at the screen you posted.

    I would recommend creating a brand new event, same as the old event since I've had to do that a few times after upgrading from Hs3 to HS4. I've also had to either rescan or even once exclude and re-include. My guess is something in the switch from HS3 to HS4 might be part of the issue.