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Using X-10 siren as annunciator

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  • Using X-10 siren as annunciator

    I recently bought a couple of the X-10 sirens and got 1 - PSH02 and 1 - SH10A (both seem to act the same to commands). I was planning on using the siren feature to let me know when the freezer temp gets too high. A series of 2 'on/off' sequences sent to the siren makes it go off for 4 seconds. I figured that would be long enough to set our attention, but not be annoying. That worked fine.
    I also found out that you can use it as an annunciator by sending an 'on' followed by a 'bright' or 'dim' command. Using a 'bright' gives you one tone while a 'dim' gives you another. Sending multiple 'brights' or 'dims' causes the siren to ding or dong multiple times. For example, I set up an event that sends the required 'on' followed by a relative 'bright' 24% gives me 2 dings. You get 1 ding or dong per 12% (the standard X10 dim increment). So by setting up an event with and 'on' followed by a series of relative 'bright' or 'dim' commands I can make the siren ding/dong almost any series of tones. Since I don't use any whole house audio, I can use these 'annunciators' to have Homeseer tell me different things without having to have multiple chime modules in different locations to tell me different things. Also I like being able to have it just ding once instead of the chime module's multiple ding-ding-dongs every time it goes off.
    Hope this info is helpful....
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    Thanks for the information! I've got a couple in the drawer that I've never pulled out. With this info, I might have some uses for them.


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      I was just about to post a message on how to use the X-10 siren. Thanks for the information!

      Does anyone know how to trigger the siren for more than a 4 seconds?

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