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Alexa discovery Homeseer devices

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    Alexa discovery Homeseer devices

    Latest version HS4
    Windows 10 latest

    For the last two weeks I am having issues with Alexa discovering Homeseer devices. All of a sudden many devices don't get discovered.

    This Alexa skill has worked with no issues for several years. Why I started discovery on a working system is for the last two weeks alexa most of the time does not turn on lights I requested but after a minute the lights come and the I get a voice message xxx lights are not responding.

    Anyone else having issues with Alexa and Homeseer skill (the skill that says turn on lights).

    When you start encountering this issue you will want to disable voice control/alexa on all events and devices (bulk edit). Then you will want to enable only one device/feature that has on/off/dimmable buttons and test. Then slowly enable devices. The Alexa service is making changes and they continually shorten the discovery timeout phase which affects those will slower internet speeds.


      Thank you Rupp I will work on that tomorrow when I get home.


        Rupp, after completing the steps you suggested I still experienced the same issue. After several days it occured to me that four weeks ago I replaced my Verizon G1000 router with a new Verizon G3100. I reinstalled the old router and now I have no issues with Alexa.

        I spoke to Verizon and we didn't come up with any solution. Now I am sitting on a $300 router off line.

        Thanks for your help