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    No one likes change so that's probably part of it and another part is a lot of people do not like Microsoft products but they might as well give in and jump on the band wagon. It's either get on or get behind.
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      Now there's a statement i don't think anyone can disagree with. They do have a lock on the market
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        I'm chiming in a little late here......

        I have to agree with almost everything said so far. No matter if you start with VB, .net or one of 10 major programming languages, it will give you the basics that you need.

        I started with an O L D language, MS Basic quite a LONG time ago. Not much good for anything now whatsoever. BUT on the other hand, it was enough to help understand the "flow" and concept of scripting. It was not that hard to move from Basic into VB script. All of the languages have the same backing. For example:

        If "something" is equal to "something" then do this.....

        In BASIC to print something to the screen 10 times, and to do the same thing using ASP for a webpage (same thing as VB script really) would be the following:

        10 for x = 1 to 10
        20 print "test "
        30 next x

        VB Scripting / ASP
        for x = 1 to 10
        Response.Write "test"

        As you can see, the structure is almost identical, you just have to change the syntax and use the keywords and commands that the particular language uses. Of course VB and BASIC are very close in how they derived, but the basic rules still apply for virtually any programming language.

        So, all this said, I would start small/simple and work my way up. C+ or C++ are pretty complex, need to be compiled ect, and probably not the best place to start. Start with a more simple language, and work your way up from there.
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