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    Originally posted by mulu View Post
    I download the Kasa app and tried to configure the device without creating an account. I didn't find any such option. According to a web search that option was taken away in the second half of 2022 (before you could click on create account but then skip over the account creation step). So I created an account and added the outlet to the app which was uneventful. So then I tried the Tuya plugin by installing the plugin and creating a Tuya account and then tried to do the authorization in the plugin. However, that fails with "The account password does not match." Never mind that there is no place to enter a password. There is just one field to enter the email address (or phone number if that is your account number).

    I then tried the TPLinkSmartHome4 plugin. It did add my device when selecting the option "use Kasa/Tapo" but then gave an error and showed the device as offline. So it got the device from my account but for some reason can't connect to it through wireless. I went to the device settings and entered the IP manually (claiming it is static) but that didn't help, either.

    Since I didn't mean to buy a WiFi plug in the first place I will just leave it at this and spend close to $40 for a z-wave version (instead of the $20 for WiFi).
    SWAG.... make sure your phone or tablet is on the same network as you want your device on. Other than mentioned, I've never had a problem, so I'm not sure what to offer as help....
    HomeSeer Version: HS4 Pro Edition
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro - Desktop
    Z-Wave Devices via two Z-Net G3s
    Zigbee Devices via RaspBee on RPi 3b+
    WiFi Devices via Internal Router.

    Enabled Plug-Ins
    AK Weather,AmbientWeather,Big6,BLBackup,BLGData,BLLock,BLUPS,Device History,EasyTrigger,Harmony Hub,HSBuddy 3.30.1003.1,JowiHue,LG ThinQ,rnbWeather,SDJ-Health,TPLinkSmartHome4 2022.12.30.0,UltraCID3 3.0.6681.34300,Z-Wave 2


      Originally posted by racerfern View Post
      mulu I'll let you know if I have any better luck. Mine arrives in a day or two.
      racerfern Did you get it to work?


        mulu I have two sitting in a box, been busy as springtime brings lots of other projects.