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Switchbot blind tilt - These work great

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    Originally posted by GeorgiaDutchman View Post
    My first SwitchBot Blind Tilt was delivered yesterday afternoon. Took about a hour to install (next one will take about 15 minutes, I'm a cautious type). One support request to Wondertechlabs and I had a firmware update waiting for my Blind Tilt when I got up this morning. Loaded mcsMQTT and another hour later I've got a fully automated Blind control that works with my iPhone, Alexa, and HomeSeer. I'm going to see how it performs over the next four weeks or so and barring any issues I'll probably be ordering at least four more for my living room.
    Thanks to Rupp for bringing this my attention and to Michael McSharry for providing the control ability for HomeSeer! You are the best! Thanks!!
    You're welcome Mine are still working perfectly and the only issue I see is one of my sticky pads (my fault didn't clean the area on this one) is slipping. Otherwise these have worked perfectly and stay at 100% charged and all of my windows curretnly using these are under a 2 foot roof overhang, a treed backyard and northern exposure. I'm impressed with these solar chargers.
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      Alex; Thanks for picking up the slack here.