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CPU spiking when turning a light on or off

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    CPU spiking when turning a light on or off


    I am building with Jon00HStiles some pages for walltablets , since I can not install Imperihome anymore on new tablets.

    All seems to work fine , but I noticed some hickups , dealing with this in another thread , but I also noticed a huge CPU spike on HS4 when turning a lightswitch on or off.
    I tried several relays. (Zwave -Fibaro , Wifi -Shelly) , turning it on or off with the HS4 GUI , a tablet , or with the phyicall button it is all the same.

    Normall HS4 idles at 4-5 % .
    When a light is turned on or off with the above mentioned relays the CPU spikes to 50%.
    I never noticed this behaviour before.

    Attached the HS4 log from about 30 minutes.
    Here the moment for example where I turned on a zwave light when the CPU was about 4 % and than went to 50% moments after pressing the physical button:
    3/16/2023 12:24:44
    Device: 1 Main floor Kitchen Kitchen light Table light Set to ON​
    The computer is a windows 10 with a I7-7700 and only runs only HS4 and Blue iris.


    Click image for larger version

Name:	2023-03-16 11_51_33-Home automation Heubergau - AnyDesk.jpg
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    When a lightswitch is turned on:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	2023-03-16 11_52_50-Home automation Heubergau - AnyDesk.jpg
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    The computer:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	2023-03-16 11_57_28-Home automation Heubergau - AnyDesk.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	2023-03-16 12_12_16-About.jpg
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    I would expect the CPU of any PC to move a bit when something on the PC is processing. Are you having issues in any way related to the CPU usage?


      Corvl1 found this to be a configuration problem with his HSTile setup.
      "if I have seen further [than others], it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." --Sir Isaac Newton (1675)


        I would think that BI could very well be muddying the waters....
        HomeSeer Version: HS4 Pro Edition
        Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro - Desktop
        Z-Wave Devices via two Z-Net G3s
        Zigbee Devices via RaspBee on RPi 3b+
        WiFi Devices via Internal Router.

        Enabled Plug-Ins
        AK Weather,AmbientWeather,Big6,BLBackup,BLGData,BLLock,BLUPS,Device History,EasyTrigger,Harmony Hub,HSBuddy 3.30.1003.1,JowiHue,LG ThinQ,rnbWeather,SDJ-Health,TPLinkSmartHome4 2022.12.30.0,UltraCID3 3.0.6681.34300,Z-Wave 2


          Rupp : a bit yes , but from 5% to 50% , I thought that was a bit much for a dedicated I7-7700 computer.
          kenm ; That was indeed the issue , jon00hstiles was configured for 10 pages , and I was already on page 12. This caused the CPU to spike big time.
          ewkearns : For BI , I am using since a couple of months the secondary stream as well , as explained on the IPcam forum , and I went from 50% CPU to about 12-13% for BI.

          All is good now , many thanks for looking into this!

          cheers ,


            I installed a backup from about 4 weeks ago ( day before yesterday) and recreated the hstiles . All looked fine untill today. Again cpu spikes 70-80 % on HS4 in task manager ( Blue iris remains at about 12%).

            It looks like it has maybe nothing to do with hstiles since the cpu spiked as well when I toggled the switch via the HS4 gui, and no pages were shown on any device.
            -disabled all plugins > no effect , cpu still spiked to 60-70%
            -restarted HS4 > no effect,
            -restarted the whole computer >> all normall.

            I did restart the computer 2 days ago as well after restoring the backup , but today when I checked after 2 days , cpu spikes again.
            rebooted the computer >> all back to normall . CPU usage for HS4 idles around 3% , when I toggle a lightswitch , the cpu for hs4 goes to about 4,5% . so far so good.
            But I expect, soon (tomorrow?) after toggling a lightswitch or so , the CPU will spike again.

            In the mean time I have updated HS4 to ( I was on and was afraid to update reading all the threads concerning issues with 4.2.17.x)

            Anything else I can/need to do?
            In another thread concerning Hstiles , I was told to check defender and antivirus



              This morning again , For Hs4 , the CPU is idling at around 6% now ( after a fresh restart of the computer ca 3% , and when I toggle a lightswitch , it now goes up to ca 20% (after a restart of the computer yesterday it only went up to ca 5%)

              It creeps up slowly.

              Virusscan shows nothing.

              Anyone has an idea how I can troubleshoot this to pinpoint the problem?