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Device for PC based RF Transmission?

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    Device for PC based RF Transmission?

    Greetings all,

    I could also have titled this - "yet another how do I control my ceiling fan" thread.

    From searching the forums I've not yet found anyone that had a solution for RF control of ceiling fans and lights. The main light in my bedroom is on the ceiling fan and I'd really like to be able to control it with HS.

    I have a single switch on the wall that sends RF to the fan and the fan lights. I dug up an old ceiling fan remote, got it to work for the fan and downlight functions (not the uplight), so I know know what frequency the fan is using.

    With a little more effort I should be able to figure out exactly what to trasmit for control of the fan and lights.

    BUT - once I know that - what device should I use to get my PC to transmit RF?

    I know that one way would be to physically hack the remote so that I force a closed contact for a specific button, but that would require hardware that I don't have (something that would force a relay open or closed based on PC input).

    I would prefer some device that ran off a serial or USB port where I would just issue a command string of some kind for Fan High,low off, light on, dim, etc.

    Does such a thing exist?

    Replacing the stock switch with X10 is not an option. Right now it all fits into one swtich, and if I tried to use X10 switches I would need 3 (Fan, uplight, downlight). So - they wouldn't fit.

    Thanks for your help,

    Steve C.

    I think everyone on the board that's pulled this off did it by hacking the remote. I know that's not your first choice and will require expensive hardware (An Ocelot plus SECU16 is the first thing that comes to mind). There may be mor inexpensive devices as well.
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      I am also midway though a project like this. RF can be sent with IR devices other than the Ocelot (which is what I will be using) which are cheaper, such as the USB-UIRT. See Dave Houston's site ( for several application notes on this topic. Also see the lengthy thread at the ADi message board (;f=3;t=000188) for a discussion including the circuits you will have to build.



        There is this device in cars called homelink. I think it is like These things can learn garage door openers and X10 and the like. I think they have an RF learn ability. I wonder if it could be stolen out of a junk yard or something?
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          Does the wall switch send rf to the fan? If it does, you probably could get a new switch and hack it to be controlled from your computer. Using the parallel port to control gizmos like the switch or the remote is probably the cheapest and easiest DIY way (cheaper and easier than serial or USB).
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            wpiman - great idea and huge possibilites

            wpiman -

            I had looked previously for 'learning' RF remotes, and didn't really find much. My car (Mercury Marauder) has a learning RF system in the overhead console with three buttons that can be programmed for garage door openers,

            Now you've really got me thinking - can I make the RF learning system in my car learn X10 RF codes? That would be awesome. No key fob BS, just press a button on my overhead console to turn on the interior lights in my house. Very cool.

            This whole concept doesn't solve my immediate problem of controlling a ceiling fan, and it looks like hacking a remote is the only real option. BUT - if I can go to a junkyard and get a Learning RF system, then the hack has a lot of other possibilities.

            In addition to my ceiling fans and lights I'd be able to open/close my garage doors from inside my house with RF instead of a hardwired control.

            Hmmm - could it "learn" the RF transmitted from a Pyramid? That would open up a whole new world of options.... (probably not - but you never know).

            OK - this weekend I'm going to try to teach my car to learn my ceiling fan remote, and then some X10 codes. If that works - I'm off to the junkyard!!!!

            (I just have to work on explaining to my wife what the heck I am doing, and make it sound worthwhile)

            Steve C.


              I second the homelink idea. I too have a car with the three visor buttons and bought the RF to powerline adapter. Much to my surprise, not only can I control my lights from the car, but it doubles as a X-10 motion detector receiver. But back to your original question, if homelink can learn garage door opener RF codes, there is a good chance it may learn your cieling fan RF codes as well (since many brands share the same frequency spectrum). Good luck experimenting!


                Please explain how would you set the homelink up to as a X-10 motion detector receiver and what are the benefit.

                P. Tran


                  What about this

                  I have been trying to find a rf device like I use the usb-UART for Ir, and was wondering if the w800 could be used. Or something like this


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                    HINTONTOWERS - the w800 is RF receive only, and also only recognizes X10 RF codes. So it has a real specific purpose.

                    ptran0 - I think d-smes meant that the RF adapter he bought for Homelink also worked as an X10 RF Motion detector. Looking at their web site, they sell X10 stuff. The 'vehicle interface' they sell looks just like a plain old X10 RF receiver, so it would also work as a motion detector receiver. A WS800 would probably serve the same purpose, and be a better overall product for the same price.

                    I'll drop another note after I run some tests over the weekend.

                    Steve C.


                      swc69 is correct- I bought the vehicle interface so I could send X-10 trigger's from the car. And when I set outside garage motion detectors to the same house code as Homelink, reception worked. You see, I have a detached garage and motion detectors out there had trouble making it to the house receiver (because of the distance).