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    No Communication

    I have a 16 port X10 relay switch that I have switching speakers off and on. It works flawlessly with a maxi controller. For some reason I can not do it through homeseer using the TI103. Here is what my log is when I try and turn one of the relays on:

    2/24/2005 9:31:07 PM~!~Device control from menu~!~B9 On
    2/24/2005 9:31:07 PM~!~Debug TI103~!~InParsed(0): $<2800! B0916#
    2/24/2005 9:31:07 PM~!~Debug TI103~!~ProcessX10: $<2800! B0916#
    2/24/2005 9:31:07 PM~!~Debug TI103~!~InParsed(0): $<2800!B09 BONF5#
    2/24/2005 9:31:08 PM~!~Debug TI103~!~ProcessX10: $<2800!B09 BONF5#
    2/24/2005 9:31:08 PM~!~Debug TI103~!~InParsed(0): $<2800!BON2A#
    2/24/2005 9:31:08 PM~!~Debug TI103~!~ProcessX10: $<2800!BON2A#

    I know I had tested this (probably not the same plugins, was a week ago) and it was working through homeseer. One thing I did add into the mix since then is a Crown Amplifier. My basement isn't completely finished so I do have a lot of this stuff on power strips. Like I said the MAXI Controller is working fine, do you think the signal from the TI103 is interfering with something. I don't even get the light to flash on the 2 way power line interface. Although I did unplug the amp all together and it still not work so I doubt thats the problem?

    Thanks for any help!

    Did you just recently update your TI plugin? Did you try rolling back?
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      Actually I just upgraded it last night right before I sent that message to see if it would fix my problem.

      I was on the previos plugin and it did not work yesterday either.

      Do you think it might have something to do with power strips and such? I can make a longer cable for the 2 way interface to the X10 relay and plug it into a regular outlet. Maybe that will change?

      Whats odd it is was working perfectly the other day.

      I will have to try some more combinations of power strips and such. Can't wait until I finish my electrical. That room will be full of outlets.



        Do you use a coupler/repeater? Making the cable longer (to ovoid the strip) may help but if your have a weak or uncoupled signal problem it will return.
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          No, I do not use a coupler or repeater. Not even sure what it is.

          Is there a reason why the MAXI Controller works flawlessly (100%) but the TI103 doesn't. Should it essentially be sending the same commands?



            Yes this is very common. Your home is feed by two hugh wires into the circuit panel. Roughly half of you home is on one of those feeds while the other half is on the other feed. If your MAXI Controller is on the same feed as the device you are controlling then it will work. If the TI103 is on the opposite feed it has to go all the way back to the circuit panel and out to the transformer (where ever that may be) and then to the device. This will result in a weak signal or no signal reaching the device to be controlled. A coupler/repeater bridges these 2 sides of the incoming power and boosts the signal thus alleviating the problem. I wish we had a sticky about coupling and repeating because so many of us start this X10 hobby only to find out it doesn't work very well. A coupler/repeater can improve your X10 success rate to nearly 100% as long as you do not have a lot of noise on your power lines. If you have noise a C/R can make this worse by boosting the bad as well as the good.

            I use this C/R.
            There are many many threads about this subject and as many opinions on which C/R is best. I haven't had an X10 problem since installing mine a few years back. There are also plugin Couplers. Try a search and you will get a since of what is involved and available.
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              You may want to have a look at this thread as well.


              One other point is if the TI103 keep giving you troubles the PowerLinc USB device is a very good X10 interface at a very reasonable cost. It's output is a bit less than the TI103 but doesn't seem to be as problematic.
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                Thanks Rupp

                I will try some things out tonight.

                I have a very new house. (2 years) old. Not sure if that makes a difference on how the wiring is done.

                I was using the exact same plugin for my TI103 last week and it worked flawlessly. I think the addition of another powerstrip might be causing this problem. I am not running very safe right now with 3 strips connected together! Thats the only thing that changed in the mix, besides connecting some speaker wire to my switcher. I know thats obviously not the problem. Right now the 2 way interface light doesn't even flash so its not getting the signal from the TI103.

                I will sort out and split up my wiring better and see if I have better luck. I think right I have way to much crap plugged into the few outlets they installed in my utility room! :-) (all my network gear, air to air exchanger, LifeFitness X3 elliptical machine, freezer, etc)

                If none of the switching works I will look into the coupling.

                I was happy last night though that I got my 16 port X10 relay switch working. It turns on and off all 16 pair of speakers I have through out my house. Works flawless with the maxi. Its fun getting into home automation again. I have had all this equipment laying around for almost 2 years now as I was busy doing other stuff after we built the house that I have not gotten any of this gear all setup.

                I am waiting on lights. I have some X10 that I used in my previous house but really want to switch to Z-wave. Waiting until the 3 ways release which I thought was suppose to be this week sometime.

                Thanks again Rupp


                  Those power strips can be a major cause of X10 noise so I'll bet you hit the threshold on those and that's what is causing your problems. New or old homes have been wired this way for the last 30 years or more but if your not having coupling problems then consider yourself one of the lucky few.

                  Which 16 port X10 relay switch did you get?
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                    Relay Switch

                    Yeah, I am sure if I use a lot of X10 devices I will run into Coupling problems. I probably will not have too much that is X10 if I go with Zwave. The other tasks I will be completing will use the Ocelot and SECU16IR and such. Off and on I am sure I will make an addition of a powerline X10 device.

                    Here is the relay switch I have.

                    I also have two of these for my speakers:

                    My setup:
                    Stereo Receiver -->
                    AMP -->
                    Black, left and right channel (-VE wires) going to Speaker Distribution panel
                    Red, left and right channel (+VE wires) going to Common on the relay board. I piggy tailed every other common for left channel, and then piggy tailed all the other common for right channel. This gave me enough to control 16 pair of stereo speakers.

                    I think connect the Red (+ve) wires from the speakers into the Normall open on each relay and the Black (-ve) wires are connected into the Speaker distribution panel.

                    Each relay controls two sets of C,NO,NC. SO I was able to flip one channel in the relay and it switches a pair of speakers off or on. Since I piggy tailed ever other common that gives me a left channel and a right channel so I still have stereo sound.

                    Channel 1 has a left channel speaker, and a right channel speaker
                    Channel 2 has a left channel speaker, and a right channel speaker

                    It works pretty slick.

                    I have volume controls in every room as well. Would be cool if I could control those via the touch screen, but I doubt that is possible. Right now I have them set for a medium volume.


                      Got it working

                      I found another free plugin (where my sump pump is connected) plugged the two way inverface and it works flawlessly now both from Maxi and Homeseer.