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Minoston S2 Remote Control Switch

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    Minoston S2 Remote Control Switch

    Hometroller pro 3.

    I am slowly replacing my insteon lighting. I purchased a Minoston Z-Wave dimmable plug adapter (works fine) and the S2 Remote Control Switch.

    I have the switch installed and an association established between the Central Scene Device (built by the switch installation) and the lamp I want to control via this switch. I think I need to create a scene in Z-Wave management but the list of devices presented does not contain either any of the switch info or the plug adapter.

    Has anyone made this switch work to remotely control a Z-Wave device and if so what am I doing wrong?


    OK so I got this to work - mostly. In reading some other posts I came to the conclusion Z-Wave scenes are a no-go. I finally got the associations set up and that got me going. The remote switch has to be awakened continually while setting up associations. Sometimes things get really whacked out when the timing is not right.

    But finally there.