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CID and phone wiring

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  • CID and phone wiring

    I'm about to setup whole house CID announcements and I
    have a question about wiring.

    I vaguely remember reading here somewhere that in order to read caller
    ID info properly the CID device has to be first on the phone circuit, i.e.
    the first device coming in after the NID. Am I remembering this correctly?

    Are there exceptions to this rule? <-- Blatant attempt to avoid extra work

    Thanks in advance
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    generic Caller ID phone can be anywhere on the line.
    The NetCallerID and equivalent products have a line in and line out - so it can sieze the line and do it's function - cooperate with a dialup modem.

    I believe that these CID devices, if not used with a modem, need not have the line out connected - except for one case: Call waiting Caller ID. I think all phones in the house have to be downstream of the CIDbox in this case. Not 100% sure.


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      I think you'll get CID info anywhere on the lines. I believe what you are recalling is to be able to use the VR from phones, the modem has to be the first device. So, I think you're okay. (i.e. no extra work!)


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        To reiterate what Stevech and Jeff are saying, you get caller id on all phones "out-of-the-box". No rewiring needed.


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          I hooked everything up, wrote a quick script, and everything works perfectly. I was pleased at how easy it was to get HS to do CID announcements exactly the way I want them... not much code at all. HS has the perfect balance between power and ease of use, I'd say. Money well spent.
          Thanks all!