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    Yes, I know at least I can put in an amount of minutes and hit submit, it does physically start watering that zone. I will play with it a little further. We have had our refrigerator go out, so this last couple of day have been hectic, new one delivered tomorrow, and then I hope to have more time to play with it. Where is it getting the 50% moisture reading, We have had lots of rain so I would not doubt it, but I don' have any rain sensors, so kind of wondered where it was pulling that from


      The yard has started its watering cycle. I see that activity in the APP but am not seeing any reflection in HS, like saying that zone is in progress or complete. When I intiated a few minutes of manual watering from HS the other day, it did reflect water was in progress, and then complete when it finished. I did not look to see if that was reflected in the app but I will check that out tomorrow.

      Setting I changed in HS, like rain delay or Auto/Off, enabling/disabling programs were reflected in the app almost instantly. I get that the panel works different and is more responsive, but I am watering 15 minutes a zone tonight so there would be plenty of time for HS to update.I have refreshed and even went to cload screen a hit the new button to refresh data from orbit.



        Upon review after watering, it looks like all Stations got updated with stats in HS except for Zone 1. I don't know why that one particular one would not update. Also, I had edited the device names to be what I wanted, but I see that they have changed back to what they came in as. That might of happened when I hit the button on cloud page to refresh data. So I'll know not to hit that again ; ) It looks like all were working and updating albeit slow, except Zone 1 the last updated date for that is 5/23. All others reflect last nights date.

        Just feeding back the things that I find. I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend. Thanks again for all your help. Take Care...