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IR Comand send question - Switchlinc Keypads

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  • IR Comand send question - Switchlinc Keypads


    I use a lot of the dim version Switchlinc Keypads around the house. I like how you can program them for virtual devices to control IR equipment and send IR commands: IE Mute, or power off etc. etc.

    For lighting when a button is pushed it sends the dim and brighten commands until released; ramping the light up and down. Push once and it's on or off.

    Can we somehow do the same ramping with IR? for example "[1]volume up" ramping? Instead of lights it ramping the volume up just by holding down the button.

    It is sometimes so difficult to articulate simple things....

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    Sure but the outcome may not be as smooth as you would like. A light can dim much faster than than IR can be sent on average. But you could simply set up an event thats trigger would be X10 received and then select say A1 Dim. This way each A1 dim would send the volume up IR command.


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      Thanks Rupp
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        That will work fine for such things as light dimming, volume up down, Channel up down, etc. It will not work well for things like Scan forward/reverse on many systems, in that the IR commands will be too far apart and miss what I call the "re-instruct time". On many systems if the re-instruct time on a scan command (and others) is missed, it drops out of scan and then has to go back in provifing a very poor display. This was prevelent with VHS VCR's.

        For what it is worth