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KeypadLinc dim/bright functionality

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    KeypadLinc dim/bright functionality

    sorry for posting a somewhat non-homeseer related question (although I do own and use homeseer), but I've not been able to find a solution to this (and the smarthome tech support guy I unfortunately got was not familiar enough with these switches).

    I have a number of KeypadLincs (both 6 & 8-key) all with integrated dimmers.

    The buttons on these devices have the usual press once to turn on/off, press and hold to dim/bright. This works in both toggle mode AND for the top (on) button and bottom (off) button--at least when it comes from the factory.

    The problem is if I want to use the top and button on/off buttons to control a remote dimmable device (not one controlled by the local dimmer), I can't mimic the default programming! I want to be able to control a remote device with seperate on/bright off/dim buttons (as opposed to one button which alternates between bright and dim).

    For example:

    let's say we a keypadlinc 6. the primary address for the integrated dimmer at the factory is programmed to A1, let's pretend there is a dimmable SwitchLinc programmed to A3. I want the top and bottom buttons to control A3 on the switchlinc instead of the integrated dimmer.

    Now, if I don't have anything attached to the integrated dimmer, this is easy. I set the primary address of the keypadlinc to A3 (even though it's not locally controlling a load). The system will work as needed (i.e., if I press the top button once, it turns on. Press the bottom button once, it turns off. Hold the top button, it brightens; hold the bottom, it dims. So that's okay, if I'm not using the integrated dimmer for anything.

    The problem is, in a couple instances I need the integrated dimmer. In those cases, I programmed the top button as follows:

    (non-toggled mode) A2, A5, ON

    The problem is, the button always sends an ON signal now. It will not send a bright when I press and hold!

    It seems it should be able to do what I'm trying to do. Has anyone figured a way around this?!

    (sorry this post is so long.)