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GE Toggle Switch 14293 Scene Tap Woes

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    GE Toggle Switch 14293 Scene Tap Woes

    I'll try to describe the issue I'm having as clearly as possible. I have several GE Z-Wave paddle light switches installed and configured with scenes. The paddle switches work as expected. Example: The switch will control the light that it is wired to with a single-tap up/down, and I have it configured to control another (light) switch with a double-tap up/down. Performing a double-tap on the paddle switch to control the secondary switch on/off works correctly and doesn't affect the primary load, which remains in its current state as expected.

    I recently bought some GE Enbrighten toggle-style switches (model 14293). When I configure the switch to control multiple switches with scenes as I have with the paddle switch above, the primary load is activated when a double-tapped. In other words, the single-tap and double-tap commands are being sent and both loads are turning on/off, which is not what I expected.

    I haven't removed/re-added the switch yet. I'm running BETA Z-Wave plugin (have for months now). I looked into updating the firmware, but I have the latest for that model (5.54). Did y'all realize that GE had started making firmware available? I didn't, just stumbled on it:


    Okay, said what the heck and re-flashed the switch with the current firmware 5.54...same deal. Decided to roll back the the previous firmware 5.53, which is the original, and the switch taps behave as expected. Will raise it with GE and see if they'll remedy it.