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Omni Por 2 make keypad beep

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    Omni Por 2 make keypad beep

    Hi.I have the Omni pro plugin and love it.
    Is there a way to make a event that would make the Omni pro keypad beep?

    Set up a message in the OMNI Pro, with the Beep Setting.
    Then in HS create an event that will call that message in Omni, the keypad will beep.


      I programed Omni Pro to when message 1 then beep keypad 5 times.I disabled and enabled the omni plugin in HS. Where do I find Message 1 in HS?
      I looked under the Action pulldown and control a device but I can't find Message 1


        Action would be Omni Buttons. Assign a button in omni to the message you created in Omni.

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          Here switched from the Omni Pro and Console keypad and Omnitouch beeps to Microsoft SAPI TTS. That said I still use the exit door beeps and TTS these days.

          Only have one keypad console and one Omnitouch 5.7e these days for wife and use HS and Omnitouch Pro consoles mostly on tabletops.
          - Pete

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            I have never figured out how to attach a function to a button in Omni pro dealer access.could you please help me with that.thanks, Michael


              There is an OMNI command to send a 'beep' to a controller. I think I'll see what it would take to put in the HS4 version of the plugin.

              In the meantime, you can use a button to trigger a beep.
              Inside PC Access, connect to your panel and click on the Automation tab
              Click on the green button to add an Automation block
              Your trigger would be a user button
              The Action would be to console beep

              Click image for larger version

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              When you're done, dont forget to write the changes to the panel.

              Next, in HomeSeer, go to the OMNI config Buttons tab.
              Create your button in HomeSeer
              Now, you can go to the devices page and 'press' the button to try it out.

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                awesome that worked