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Advice from experienced Tesira owners?

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  • puma
    Big6 plug-in does support SSH according to their "About Big6" description here I use Big6 for many things but haven't tried SSH yet.

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  • RickN
    started a topic Advice from experienced Tesira owners?

    Advice from experienced Tesira owners?


    Has anyone got any experience with Tesira hardware?
    I've just been given various parts of an a/v network and looking at whole house audio - would be great to connect it to homeseer eventually.

    It has a text-based control protocol which you can use via SSH, but it relies on keeping a session open and reading / writing commands back and forth.
    Slightly annoying it doesn't have a standard HTTP based API that im aware of.
    I know i can use Plink to send commands from events, but not sure i have the scripting capability to monitor it and update virtual devices.

    Thinking i might be able to build something in NodeRed?

    Any thoughts or feedback would be appreciated.‚Äč