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  • TC1
    The only thing that one could do that I am aware of is make a copy of the event (at least the logic flow and statements would be intact) but you'd have to edit each statement for the button IDs.

    Yeah, a find and replace function would be sweet.

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  • ksum
    started a topic Quickly edit an Event

    Quickly edit an Event

    I will have 6 Events, all of which are very similar. The ONLY differences are in the devices which trigger the event and in parts, the devices controlled. That said, these are all the same types of devices, so I should be able to only change the device references and all should be fine. Is there a plugin which would allow me to change all instances of Outside Irrigation Irrigation 01 Button 1 Action (device ID 1482) to Outside Irrigation Irrigation 01 Button 2 Action (device ID 1483) without also having to change the "Is set to" trigger value after waiting for the same values to populate? I would also want to change the first two instances of the Set Device from Outside Irrigation Irrigation 01 Deck (1) (device ID 961) to Outside Irrigation Irrigation 01 Garage Side (2) (device ID 962). Is this possible outside maybe shutting down HomeSeer and editing the events.json file? It is literally nothing more than changing the reference to the IDs as the devices I would change to are all the same as the original. I guess editing written out code and Node-RED items is so much faster/easier and I am spoiled. Yes, I could EASILY replace the desired events with a Node-RED flow, but I want to keep it in HomeSeer since it is really straightforward.

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