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QOLsys Panel 4 and Homeseer

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    QOLsys Panel 4 and Homeseer

    I recently upgraded my alarm from the Concord 4 to the QOLsys Panel 4. The Concord 4 was great, however I wanted LTE backup. No modern modules (Interlogix, Alula) would work because the software I had on board was 3.1.Most of these modules needed 4.0 or above to work correctlty. I would get rudimentary control, however alarm notifications and other partition functions wouldn't work. I was reluctant to upgrade because the Interlogix automation module worked SO WELL with Homeseer and the Concord plugin.

    Along with several 319.5 sensors and 4 hardwired zones, and since the QOLsys was wireless, I had to purchase a hardware translator. This device converted the hardwire zones to wireless that the Panel 4 could understand. Additionally, the hardwire translator had 4 PGM outputs that could latch or transition based on arm state, door status. etc. This could all be programmed through the Panel 4. The hardware translator also has a wired siren output and a couple other inputs for smokes, etc.

    All good so far, however there is no native integration with QOLsys and Homeseer. I still wanted to see the status of my doors, etc on Homeseer so my automations would still work. After messing around with the onboard zwave, latching, etc, my solution works great and I wanted to share what I did. It was actually quite simple provided you are familiar with programming the Concord.

    -Leave the Concord hooked up.
    -Enter programming mode on the Concord and delete all bus modules except 1 keypad and the automation module.
    -Remove the siren connection on the Concord panel and replace with 2k resistor. Remove any voice modules and disconnect any speakers.
    -Wire the hardwired zones in parallel with the new hardwire translator. Make sure you have a 2k resistor on the ground connection on both the translator and the Concord 4.
    -Learn all the 315.5 sensors and hardwired zones to the new QOLsys panel.

    Done. The Concord will still see the status of all zones and report accordingly. Its now just a "bridge" between systems. The wireless sensors are one-way transmitters and are basically just broadcasting their status to two alarm systems. If you want to report arming status, just wire and program the PGM zones to follow.

    Since you have a subscription to, arming status and the such are bundled nicely in the app with the benefit of cellular backup. $13 and some change per month.

    This is good information. I have a Honeywell 21ip system that I am getting away from and considering the Qolsys Panel 4 because the system has been trouble since the new LTE upgrade I had to do and it seems blend into my home aesthetically.

    My struggle with Qolsys is not being able to see or control it over HS so until i read this post I did not consider leaving my Honeywell wireless panel connected. There may be another option if you have Hubitat which I do and someone there wrote an integration for status and control of the Panel 4. I use Hubitat for my FX Luminaire landscape lighting as there is no plugin in HS4 for those but my setup works well with the Hubitat to HS4. May give this a try for the Panel 4.