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Fess up, I know someone's got this....

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    Fess up, I know someone's got this.... IR-controlled toy t-rex!

    "The most feared predator ever to walk the earth can now stomp across your living room floor!" "Be there as it stalks its prey; its cold, lizard eyes blinking as it tries to focus; and then it shrieks a mighty roar as the life & death battle begins"

    Someone had too much time on their hands!

    So who's got this controlled by HS?

    I don't have one of these but I've got my son a Robosapien for his birthday that I'm just waiting to play with with HS. I've looked at some of the Robosapien hack sites and some people have taped IR repeaters on them so they can be controlled around the house. I doubt my wife will let me go that far with it though.
    I'm just waiting for May 19 so HE can get his new toy!


      I wonder if I could teach HS to chase the cat with it.

      That would be entertainment for me.

      Why oh why didn't I just leave things alone, they had been working.


        even more entertaining is watching a cat and a Roomba determine who is boss..

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          Late to the party as usual... LOL

          I've just recently added a Robosapien to my Homeseer setup, giving "Gavin" an avatar in 3d space.

          In addition to the Robosapien itself, I'm using a Lego Mindstorm IR tower and a command line application called sapienx. Sapienx allows for command line arguments or script calls to send commands to robo. The website says the application supports Robosapien V1, V2, and RoboRaptor. X-10 Powermids distribute the IR out to the populated areas of the house.

          I'm running a keepalive (nothing command)every 4 minutes to keep the Robo active, otherwise it will go to sleep. This will run his D-Cells down eventually, so I'm starting research on a charger / power base hack to keep the little guy running.
          Currently he'll roar when the NWS issues a warning, says "Hey" when people enter the basement great room if there's been no motion for 30 minutes, and will wolf whistle when introduced to a lady by voice.

          I doubt this little guy will ever have free run of the house. Getting him back to a charger would be too daunting a task. That being said, Wowee has that Rovio that has a wi-i link, a built in webcam, and can find its own way back to its charger... Hmmmm....


            nope.. never went beyond robo raptor...
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            HS - HS3 Pro Edition

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              Fragger, thanks. Guess I'll have to wait for robodance to get command line. I guess the Rovio will drop further in price as time goes on.