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Who Have Integrated Cameras with HS4?

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    I assume you are referring manually adding your cameras? I guess I should check BlueIris and see how they handle it.

    I noticed you don't like ReoLink cameras. I have been using a few of them and they work very well.

    Originally posted by looney2ns View Post
    Blue Iris all the way, it communicates just fine with HS4.
    I'm using built in AI in my Dahua cameras to trigger some outdoor lights in HS4 via BI.
    Out of curiosity I have tried to use HS4 with my cameras, but found it to be very, very clunky. So I gave up.
    Don't let friends buy Reolink trash.
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      Reolink likes to play games with shutter speed, key frames and other settings via firmware.
      Afterdark, Their goal is in making a nice bright static scene picture by reduceing the shutter speed and upping the gain, introduce a moving subject in the scene, and you mostly get motion blur, and no way to ID a subject.
      Many many examples of this over on

      Reolink cams do not play nice with Blue Iris, due to the key frames being wonky.

      Yes I was trying to manually add the cameras, never could get a usable picture.


        Synology Survillance and homebridge.


          I use blue iris for my cams as the nvr. I display the cam feeds through the hs4 cam viewer for remote viewing through the hs mobile app so as not to have to expose blue iris externally. I trigger status and events between the 2 systems via mqtt