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Dimmers, Switch, and Fan Control..... Oh my!

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    Dimmers, Switch, and Fan Control..... Oh my!

    Which manufacturer do you like in 2024 that builds good, reliable, and maybe slightly more intuitively designed switches? (I'm looking at you, HS-WD200+'s and HS-WX300's with your unintuitive "last" instead of an on/off)

    In the middle of the night last night I go wandering towards the bathroom and I realize I didn't get my motion generated event that turns the bathroom lights on at 10% (just enough light to aim properly, but not enough to cause eye strain or to wake up the other areas of the body and brain), so I go for the HS-WX300 on the wall... Nothing. Hmm, how about the HS-WS200+ that controls the bathroom exhaust fan? Nothing. By this time, I'm awake, walk out of the bathroom and realize that the ceiling fan is off (it's always at least on low or medium nearly 24/7), I go for the bedroom light, again, nothing. So all at once I have 2 failed HS-WX300's, 1 failed HS-WS200+, and 1 failed HS-FC200+.

    Bathroom lights and exhaust fan are on a single circuit by themselves, and the bedroom lights and ceiling fan are on a single circuit by themselves... so that's 2, completely different circuits. (the outlets in each room are also on their own circuits separate from lights, fans, etc.)

    I've had maybe 2 or 3 odd occasions where the wall paddle stops working, so I grab my phone and try, no joy, so I go to the quickest way to resolve it, turning the circuit breaker off for a few seconds and then turning the breaker back on. Again, nothing. At this point I give up, go grab a shop light from the garage and plug it into the a bathroom receptacle so my wife and I can at least get ready for work in the morning.

    Long story, short.... I'm in the market for new z-wave switches, dimmers, and a fan control.

    It looks like ‚ÄčInovelli's Red Series are back in stock, which I think I remember other forum users have had good success using. Some basic web searches have come up with UltraPro, Enbrighten, Zooz, and Lutron.... all of which seem to have decent reviews.

    So who have you used and what has your experience been like?

    Features I'd like in a dimmer...
    • Top is on, bottom is off, dimming is secondary
    • Central Scenes / multi-taps

    For the wall switch, on/off, and central scene / multi-tap.

    For the fan control, a minimum of low/med/high.

    The 4 HS brand switches I have are nearing the 2 year mark, so warranty is going to be out of the question. I'd like to pick one manufacturer and stick with it as I start to have other HS switches that fail, just replace them with the new manufacturer.

    My setup...
    • HS3 Pro
      • I am licensed for HS4 Pro but went running back to HS3 after trying HS4 during its infancy, and I just haven't made time to try version 4 again
    • Z-net with a static IP on Ethernet, not wifi
    • Only 1 plug-in running right now, Z-wave
    • Over 60 z-wave nodes comprised of HomeSeer products, Go Control thermostats, and a handful of Ecolink (garage door tilt sensors)

    I value the input from the forum users way more than ratings on Amazon.

    Thank you all for your input and guidance.

    Subscribed. While I'm not using HS branded devices, I've had a couple of Z-Wave module failures in the last two weeks and I'm considering going to something else, like Zigbee or WiFi. Z-Wave seems to become a house-of-cards when a module starts to fail and troubleshooting is almost black magic. I'm not sure when it happened but I've lost all routing lines in Z-Seer+.
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      my wife requires "toggle" looking switches.... so years ago i went with X10 ToggleLinc switches and had about 12 installed. They were soooo good... had an LED and still have 3 in use today. Eventually, they started burning out and acted up and I had to find something new. I went with some GE/Jasco switches as they were not decora and worked great. Have the "slave" switch too in 3 way configs but are a bit $$$$$. Had some Intermatic too that are still being used (2). Inquired HST if they would ever do toggle and the answer is no so I have to keep searching.
      I have landed on Zooz. I have a mess of them and love them but they do burn out. They have told me I cannot use the dimmer switches to control a ceiling fan and swapped to a relay style. But right now my garage switch controls 2 LED bulbs, works but is no longer controllable in homeseer. I believe it went bad so I need to replace it. Light works though. I have found when they go bad, lights still work local control but zwave goes.

      I have 2 more on the shelf so will fix it tomorrow. We were going to move before covid but now house prices are just horrid. But, if I ever move, simple email to zooz peeps and get a quote for EVERY switch all at once for a bulk purchase will be what I do.

      just my opinion...
      HW - i5 4570T @2.9ghz runs @11w | 8gb ram | 128gb ssd OS - Win10 x64

      HS - HS3 Pro Edition

      Plugins - BLRF | Concord 4 | HSBuddy 3.9.605.5 | HSTouch Server | RFXCOM | X10 | Z-Wave

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