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Troubleshooting Issue with Kitchen Light Activation in HS3

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    Troubleshooting Issue with Kitchen Light Activation in HS3


    For the past few weeks, I've been experiencing an issue with HS3 and the kitchen light. It shows as yellow activated on HS Buddy and HS PC, but the light itself remains off in the room. Even after attempting to switch it on using HS or HSBDy, or the wall electric interrupter, it doesn't respond. I've tried forcing a switch-off in HS, but the issue persists, sometimes appearing and disappearing randomly. Can anyone help me understand the connection and control between HS3, the wall interrupter, and the lights?

    Thank you.‚Äč

    Homeseer devices are a software list of the last known state of the devices. If the physical device does not receive the command or does not report its state when changed manually the last known state in Homeseer may not reflect the actual state of the physical device. HSbuddy obtains it's information from the software list so you would normally expect HSBuddy to show the same state that Homeseer has.

    Homeseer is a software Hub, it can control devices using a number of protocols. We would need to know what the physical device is, what protolcol you're using to control it. does the switch turn on/off when controlled manually, and or via Homeseer.

    In general, if a change is made within Homeseer, it then sends the command to the physical device. This command may not reach the device due to any number of environmental issues which may interfer with transmission and propagation of that command signal. The physical device itself could be faulty in that it does not listen/respond to the connection. When activated manually the physical device may or may not send a notification to Homesser; if it does send a notification of the change in it's local state that transmission and propagation may be degraded/blocked resulting in a mismatch of the state of the device between your software and hardware.

    HS4 Pro on Shuttle NC10U, Win10; Z-NET
    Number of Devices: 1005
    Number of Events: 293

    Plug-Ins: BLLock, DirecTv, EasyTrigger, Honeywell WiFi Thermostat, Marquis monoprice Amp, MeiHarmonyHub, PHLocation2, Pushover 3P, UltraM1G3, rnbWeather, Worx Landroid, Z-Wave

    External applications: Homebridge-homeseer, Geofency, EgiGeoZone.