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Concord 4 Old System monitored through Landline

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    Concord 4 Old System monitored through Landline

    Our house is wired with doors, windows, etc, connected to a Concord 4 security system monitored via AT&T Landline.

    It works perfectly and the whole house is wired.

    I am thinking about using a company call Ooma for digital Landlines. They have a really interesting cost effective solution for Landlines connected via router.

    How do I use my current Concord4 panel and system if I do a Digital Landline using Ooma.

    I would have to disconnect the AT&T connections into the house. How would the Digital Landline connect?

    How will this be monitored??????

    We've had an Ooma VOIP phone line for several years (~$5-6/mo after purchase of the proprietary hardware device). It's been reliable.

    As for the Concord 4 working over a VOIP line, I found a very old thread that indicated someone couldn't get it to work, with a reply explaining the problem was due to VOIP signal encoding. It's possible Ooma's encoding has changed, but I wouldn't count on it working unless you can find someone who can confirm it.


      I would give Ooma a call or email. I had Ooma for many years for voip, but not connected to my concord 4. On my concord 4 I used a google phone device Obihai OBi200 with a google number, this was set up back in 2017. Still working to this day, but no longer available. I also have a ADT cellular backup modem, as ADT is my alarm monitor company, that is a backup for the landline via google. I set the concord 4 up to perform both a weekly landline test and cellular test, so I can make sure the panel can communicate. Now as for Ooma, back in 2012 when I had the concord 4 installed, was told it was not compatible, so I used a voip line along with an Arris phone/data modem suppiled by Spectrum, no issues at all. Then 2017 I cut over to google OBi200 and dumped the Spectrum voice/data modem. But, I do recall that Ooma does have some settings that are suppose to work with dial out alarm panels. The setting insure that the timings are maintained so that alarms, etc. notifications can transmit and be received properly at the monitoring center. I know there were settings to do this in ooma. As with the previous posts, Ooma was pretty good overall as a voip provider. No issues for me. BTW, You can always give Ooma a try. I will assume you have an RJ31x phone jack that seizes the phone line in case it is in use. If the system was installed property you only have to unplug the landline and plug in the new phone line from the Ooma unit.


        Here for my HAI Leviton OmniPro 2 panel switched from copper to Ooma over 10 years ago and still working fine today. Also using the Obihai OBi200‚Äč for my GV number. Never tried it with the alarm connection. In house number 2 went to using a Ring alarm system which was all wireless and it worked fine for about 5 years now.

        ISPs used: XFinity cable and Verizon FIOS over the years.

        Personally buy an Ooma device from Amazon. Test it. If the Ooma device doesn't work with your alarm panel in 30 days reset it and return it.

        Note here the Ooma device is installed inside on the LAN and using a PFSense firewall. Second line / location / Ooma box was installed identically to first. 2nd house removed the combo XFinity box,
        Customer service (via phone call) is really bad. Mostly have used the forum for customer service (other users).

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